BMA clients like to brand our Advisory Services: Advisory Services… with a twist!

BMA goes beyond traditional Gap Analysis & Recommendations, with a true capacity to design, prototype and concretely implement solutions to clients quantitative risk management issues, especially for complex UCITS, Hedge-Funds and Debt Funds.

Investment funds and banks are faced with complex regulatory and client-driven challenges, which require both the process of a large amount of data and significant quantitative expertise.

BMA Advisory Services build on proprietary calculation library, technology and know-how to support clients in quantitative risk management issues.

Here are a few real examples illustrating BMA capacities:

1. Valuation Advisory Services: Use of the state-of-the-art quantitative analytics library developed by BMA and market/credit data expertise.

2. Model Validation: Validation of valuation, pricing and risk management models (Value-at-Risk, stress-testing frameworks).

3. Simulation & Stress Testing: Conception, simulation and analysis of sophisticated stress-scenarios and reverse stress-scenarios.

4. Credit Risk Management Expertise: Independent money market and credit markets analysis, rating of sovereign issuers.

For more on our Advisory Services, please download our brochure or contact us to arrange a meeting.