Our Clients

BMA acts as advisor on risk management and complex pricing issues for ARKUS has also short-listed BMA Portfolio Analytics as its preferred solution for performance and risk analysis for Private equity Real Estate Funds.

CACEIS Group has selected BMA as advisor and partner for the design of its performance and risk analysis offer for some of its Private Equity Real Estate clients.

CARNE Group has appointed BMA to assist them with their risk management approach for Debt funds.

Crestbridge Luxembourg is supported by BMA for the design and implementation of its AIFM risk datawarehouse.

Forum Partners is using BMA Portfolio Analytics for the monitoring and reporting of performance of its Private Equity Real Estate funds.

QuantCube BMA collaborates with QuantCube, an innovative Paris-based asset management company specialized in multi-asset quantitative strategies, including Big Data investment strategies. Pursuing its rapid and successful development, QuantCube projects to launch its own Luxembourg-domiciled quantitative fund. In that context, QuantCube has selected BMA to provide guidance in building and organising its risk management process.has appointed BMA to assist them with their risk management approach.

BMA builds and delivers Advanced Risk Management seminars for ATTF clients.