Portfolio Analytics

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For funds of real assets, the AIFMD gives rise to heavy regulatory needs for efficient data management, analysis and reporting.

They also face new requirements from Institutional Investors. In particular, insurance companies are pressing funds of real assets for additional transparency, as Solvency 2 strongly penalizes black-box unquoted investments.

As a result, funds of real assets have been experiencing increases in tedious data management and reporting workload, without being given tools and time for productive analytical tasks.

To address those issues, BMA has designed Portfolio Analytics, a unique platform for Private Equity, Real Estate and Infrastructures funds clients.

The platform is a cost-effective and integrated one-stop solution for structuring data, running performance and risk analytics, and reporting .

It combines:

- Efficient data management;

- Portfolio Analysis: Easy access to data, as well as efficient investigation of a portfolio structure, using BMA sophisticated drill-down functionalities;

- Performance Analysis: On-the-fly computation of all cash-flow based performance metrics, for realised values and projection scenarios;

- Portfolio Risk Analysis: Implementation of several BMA proprietary research risk models, stress-testing and reverse stress-testing;

Designed as a Web-application, Portfolio Analytics enables collaborative work of portfolio managers, risk managers and institutional investors.

Depending on organizations, Portfolio Analytics can be deployed at clients or hosted by BMA and accessed as a SaaS.

Moreover, BMA has put in place a Risk Manager Reporting service based on Portfolio Analytics.

For more on Portfolio Analytics for PERE, please download our brochure or contact us to arrange a demonstration and get your trial access.